Unhinge your Essential Nature

 Are you ready to live your life aligned with your Soul's passions and Aliveness and share the unique gifts you came here to share? 


Are you ready to feel more enlivened in your bodyassertive in your voice, and dynamic in speaking your truth?

Are you ready to shift your insecurities, self- consciousness or self- criticism into confidence, and authentic expression, allowing all parts of you to integrate?

Are you ready to shift from awkward, shy, isolated, or uncomfortable into confident, easeful, and shimmering presence?

Are you ready to effortlessly trust your quirky nature and let yourself be seen in your fullness and brilliance?

Are you ready to fully live in the magic that is ever present, gain access to expanded consciousness, and feel these deep supports in your experiences and relationships?

Are you ready to stop playing small, to integrate your spirituality into your personality, and allow the bigness of your Soul to shine, fully sharing your Superpowers with the world?

Are you ready to fully hear, know, trust, and live from a place guided by your intuition all the time?

Are you ready to embrace your faery or alien nature, feel more understood, feel belonging on this planet, and share your special offerings? 


Then YOU, my dear, are ready to Unhinge your

Essential Nature!

Allowing the True YOU to Shine

I'm here as your galactic tour guide supporting you in bringing all your gifts, your brilliance, and your creativity into full actualization on this planet. I'm here to support you to feel fully connected and expressed from your Essence.
The world needs the uniqueness of you.
I'm here to guide you into a clearer understanding of your Superpowers. 
To support you to live from your Superhuman potential while integrating the limiting beliefs, old stories, trauma, and defenses that feel like they're getting in the way.
I serve as a permission slip for you to fully step into your own greatness and to remind you of your true nature, activating this knowing in you.
I'm here to support you in uncovering the gifts that are just beneath the surface that can get clouded by our limiting beliefs or pain from the past.
Together we will buff your unique gem back into it's brilliance.
And it won't look like anyone else's jewel, but it will be a very important piece of the cosmic puzzle we are all necessary parts of. 
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Loving Words from Clients:

"Receiving energy work can be very vulnerable. At times, I am opening up and working through my deepest fears and traumas in my quest to heal patterns that are not serving me.

Mandy creates a protective and inspiring environment with her obvious care and love, allowing me to feel safe enough to go through painful processes.

She guides me with immense patience and gentleness, and at the same time offers strong support. She communicates with my energetic system in a variety of ways, and she seems to know exactly which way I am most open to at any given time. She encourages me to draw on my strengths and shows me how to fill myself with joy and confidence so I can always return to this state. This alone is powerful and immediately useful every day.


I have gained so much knowledge about myself through this work! I understand my quirks and have embraced the reality of who I am instead of trying to shut down essential parts of myself to fit in. Mandy gives me permission to be true to my own nature and shows me how to use my unique talents to make sense of what I feel and to tap in to the wholeness of life.


I can recognize subtle patterns within myself as I walk through my day and react to what happens. I now have the skills to dive into each pattern with love and sensitivity, allowing my true embedded needs and desires to show themselves. Then I can begin to meet those needs and heal. 


I leave each session with a new sense of what is possible and I spend the next days and weeks exploring and integrating what I have learned. This work has sparked huge changes in my life.


I have more energy and exuberance for life, much more self knowledge and therefore self love, and I am constantly finding new ways I feel connected to the greater web of energy. I am more curious about life, less scared of my own reactions and so much more connected to myself. This is an amazing gift. I feel like I have access to wisdom I didn't know was there. 


I can't recommend Mandy and her flavor of energy work highly enough.


Her talent for moving energy combined with her passion and love for the human spirit to create such a rich, creative and totally safe space where magic and healing is just inevitable!


Her gentleness and how well she listens and explains what she sees is ideal for a beginner who might be afraid or in a lot of pain. And her powerful access to energy and ability to tailor to a person's unique gifts will appeal to anyone who feels stuck or desires deep knowledge and healing." ~ Elizabeth Nitz, Computer Programer

"My sessions with Mandy have been incredibly healing and have increased my vibration and consciousness profoundly.

Mandy saw me to my core, beyond my physical body, beyond my mental body, beyond my story... all the way to my very being.

She saw where I was blocked and where I was open, and worked to bring energetically starved parts of me into greater resonance. Her methods are unique and beyond anything I have ever experienced. She uses sound, hand gestures, awareness, intention, and more then I can grasp with my mind to produce her results. All in all, I am so thankful to have found Mandy and am looking forward to more sessions with her by my side.” ~ Laura Patten, Marketing and Social Media Designer

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Photo: Tiffany Demas