Mandy Greenlee's background shifted from ballet into physical theatre and performance art through her 8 year stint in the Bay Area. She holds an MFA in Dance with an emphasis on performance, somatics and community engagement at University of Colorado in Boulder. She incorporates somatic centered practices including Body-Mind Centering(TM), energetic states, and deep play into her creative process and performances. She has performed throughout California, Colorado, New Mexico, Europe and Mexico with her own works along with companies of Sha and Blah, LaLeelee Dance, Atelier 5, and Stomping Zebra Dance Theatre.


Her work also involves social justice and community engagement. She has worked with groups in Nicaragua, Colorado and California. She believes that the tools we need for thriving exist in our body’s wisdom and has dedicated her life to this conviction. She activates groups and individuals through theatre and movement games and processes, engaging the communities she works with to express through the body.


Some of her mentors include Gesel Mason,Tammy Meneghini, Beth Osnes, Michelle Ellsworth, Donna Mejia, Erika Randall, Nii Armah Sowah, Julie Oak, Nina Wise, Joe Goode, Frey Faust, and Kira Kirsch. 


Her active imagination, love of nature, and delight in absurdity shed light onto intense subject matters and collide disparate vantage points erupting in fresh perspectives and empathic kinesthetic perception from viewers and participants alike.


Her feet plant firmly in both the performing and healing arts where she brings her attunement to subtle energy and the peculiarities of being a human into illumination and expression through heart centered presence, joy and contemplation. 

The Paths that Lead to Me

photo: Tibi Strazzera