"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom"
~ Anaïs Nin

I consider myself an outgoing introvert, and I know

all about feeling uncomfortable in front of people.


In my earlier years on stage, I excelled at performing other’s peoples' work. I had

mastered being in front of people, without really being seen.But inside I ached to

share my own work, my own creativity.

This meant I had to move past the fear of messing up, not being liked, or worse yet,

dying on stage.

A relentless burning light kept flickering within, and soon

my inner voice sang louder than the reasons not to share

and shine. I didn’t have a choice.

And so I risked failure, imperfection, and possible death.


And you know what? I’m still here! And having more fun than

ever! From hiding behind other people’s shadows as a young

adult, I transformed into a solo artist, conceiving and performing

the shows I currently tour, inclusive of multiple physicalized

characters, storytelling, movement, and singing.

I feel my authentic vulnerability and unleashed creativity, on and

off stage, and I want you to feel the same!

I want you to feel comfortable in whatever setting you’re in:

professional, social and intimate.


Do you have something you’re aching to share with the world?


Do you feel frustrated, stifled, or scared to bring it forth in front of groups of people?


Or do you worry about messing up?


Do you feel like you can no longer wait?


Good! I don’t want you to delay any longer.


Even if you don’t want to become an “artistic performer”, the performance skills I offer will give you tools to

feel confidence, grace, and charisma, so you can expose more people to your work

and manifest the profession and relationships you crave. You’ll be able to be with all those eyes watching you, and even have fun with it.


What a relief, right?


I bring a lifetime of a performer’s embodied wisdom, the compassion of a healer to help you spread your wings, the wisdom of a fellow introvert (trust me, I get it), the quirkiness of someone who embodies multiple physicalized characters, and a love of play, joyful laughter, happy “mistakes”, and being weirdly myself.


CLAIM your Center Stage with Confidence, Expression, Connection and Acceptance!


In case you’re curious about my credentials:


  • MFA in Performance and Teaching, University of Colorado Boulder

  • Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Luminous Awareness Institute

    • In practice for 10 years: healing, teaching and facilitating

  • Lifelong performer

    • Physical theatre, dance, somatics, and voice

  • Somatics practitioner

    • Body-Mind Centering™

  • Meditation practitioner

  • Eastern Body-work, Five Branches School of Chinese Medicine

  • BS in Human and Organizational Development and Fine Arts, Vanderbilt University


My Story

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