My background spans the fields of holistic healing from Energy Medicine to the somatic work of Body-Mind Centering(TM). A lifelong dancer, performer, and movement artist, I utilize the expressive arts as a channel to communicate my soul’s deepest gifts and am passionate about guiding others into their journey of confidence, connection and creativity.


A devoted meditator and spiritual practitioner, these skills of presence and large awareness permeate throughout my practice.


I am deeply interested in bringing awakened consciousness and wisdom into and through our bodies as vehicles of authentic and embodied expression.


I work privately with individuals, couples, and in small groups.


My training includes a 4 year advanced degree in Integrated Energy Medicine from The Luminous Awareness Institute ( I currently support the Boulder student body in this training. As well as with Gitanjali Hemp in Source Healing (


My somatic background is in Body-Mind Centering(TM) which combines western anatomy with eastern metaphysical body practices (

Other somatic practices include yoga, Qi Gong, Alexander Technique, and Continuum. My dance training includes physical theatre, ballet, improvisation, Contact Improvisation, modern, Ecstatic Dance, and Five Rhythms.



I have an MFA in Dance and Somatics from the University of Colorado in Boulder. I also hold a BS and BA in Human and Organizational Development and Fine Arts from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.


I am a certifed massage practitioner in Asian Bodywork from Five Branches Insitite in Santa Cruz, CA. And I have studied Cranial Sacral Therapy with Hugh Milne (

photo: Tibi Strazzera

My background