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Playshops for Introverts, Shy Folks, Faeries, and Aliens to Shine

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Photo: Tiffany Demas
  • Are you an introvert trying to fit into an extroverted world?

  • Are you yearning to expose more people to your work, but struggle to feel comfortable speaking, taking up space, or being seen?

  • Are you super creative, deeply spiritual, or a brilliant mind, but deep down struggle with isolation, insecurity and self- criticism?

  • Are you highly accomplished in many areas of your life but still struggle internally with trusting your own intuition and impulses?

  • Are you confident and creative on your own, but you get nervous or scared about messing up in front of others, or not being appropriate?

  • Do you feel like an alien or faery speaking a language others can't understand?



In this C.L.A.I.M. Playshop you will Discover:

  • C ~ Create Consciousness ~ Learn your energetic constitution in order to integrate unconscious patterns, so you can transform them into strengths. Shift your wounds into your greatest gifts. Embody and engage your special superpowers. Claim a stance in yourself, through confidence, connection, and acceptance in all areas of your life.

  • L ~ Limitless Love ~ Learn practices to free up the energy that gets constricted in your head. Learn to love unique aspects of yourself in a playful environment, so you can feel integrated in all areas of her life, with all people, and in all contexts.

  • A ~ Access Assertiveness ~ Use creative experiments to become confident in your body and assert in your voice. Let go of the need to “do it right.” Turn your awkwardness into an asset, so that you can speak powerfully and expose more people to your work.

  • I ~ Inhabit Integration ~ Receive individualized support to integrate your spirituality/artistry/creativity in your everyday, so you can feel confident and easeful with your family, colleagues and peers.

  • M ~ Manifest Me ~ Work in a safe group setting to practice CLAIMING your self worth, so you can manifest the profession and relationships you crave. No more pretending to be perfect by embodying your true worth.


 Facilitated by Mandy Greenlee, MFA 

Confidence and Expression Maven

~ An extroverted introvert, solo performer, performance coach, and healer~


 Mandy brings a lifetime of a performer's embodied wisdom, the compassion of a healer to help you spread your  wings, the understanding of a fellow introvert (she gets it), the quirkiness of a solo performance artist, and a  love of play, joyful laughter, happy mistakes, and being weirdly herself.



 “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” ~ Anaïs Nin

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