I'm Nervous AND I'm Open...WHAT!?

​​​​​​​Take a minute inside right now.

Recall a performer or presenter that compelled you, inspired you.

What was it about this person?  

Were they charismatic, dynamic, emotional, bright, confident, relaxed, daring. What else?

Could it be they were OPEN- they let you in?

Consider that what it was that magnetized you was that they let you feel them as well as see them.

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Imagine a time when you’ve been in a conversation with someone and you fully opened yourself to the moment and let yourself be with what was arising in both of you. It’s like beautiful love-making, where there’s a connection and a flow between the two of you. There is power in this kind of interconnecting. You can feel it, can’t you?


Imagine being in a conversation, and you have the ability to listen, respond to your impulses, and there’s no censoring because you trust whatever is arising in any moment. And the same is true for the other person. In this process the energy, the connection, enrichens, deepens, and expands.

As you both relate with you open hearts, minds, body and spirit this allows for deeper opening and greater connection.


This very energy  is what masterful performers and public speakers are allowing to happen. Their hearts, pores, and energy are open to feel and be with their audience, and they allow for this to keep informing their choices. They are present to what is arising, and they know they are using it to animate their presentation.


Consider this truth:  We are engaging in this moment together.

What if -- on stage -- you let them see and feel  all of YOU? You risk baring your naked heart and soul for your audience to receive -- and for you to receive their presence. What if you allow yourself, your emotionality, to be purely and fully  connected to the present moment? What if  you could trust whatever unfolds, and are able to listen to what is coming through the conduit of your body and voice?


When I’m performing I let all the heightened and focused energy seep into me, and it expands my engagement with the audience even more, instead of shutting me down.


I let myself feel into the idea I am a vessel for the present moment, the one holding the generous presence of you, my audience, and I let myself pour out through my skin and extend out -- to you, my captive audience.

But here’s the trick:  I have to risk-- be willing to risk being seen, to being open, to being received and to receiving you, my beloved audience.


This is the love affair that energizes my performance. It comes from risking being real.