Luminous Community Events

Want to feel more connected to, and expressed from your vitality?


Want more clarity in understanding yourself and others?


Want more awareness of how you are running your energy?


Want to feel more supported in your life?


Want to engage more clearly with others?


Come join us for an evening of exploring, connecting, and growing our awarenesses of our subtle energy fields in a supportive environment, using energetic games, awareness and connection practices, and healing.


Learn tools to consciously access the subtle and powerfulcurrents of energy available to all of usLearn how to make choices with awareness and move through habitual unconscious patterns.


Co-facilitated by Mandy Greenlee and  Tibisay Strazzera- Four year graduates of the Luminous Awareness Institute and assisted by the recent graduates of the Luminous Boulder two yr program

Ongoing monthly event:


$20-40 sliding scale

Floorspace Studio

1510 Zamia Ave

Suite 101

Boulder 80304