"To call this a one woman show is an understatement. Mandy’s cast of characters are so distinctively unique from each other, one feels there were eight different players on stage. The family dynamic of the body’s parts combined with eastern medicine’s take on the body’s relationship to the organs creates a flow only the internal body can possess. If you are feeling lustful, neurotic, crazy or heart-felt, to name a few, Mandy is just letting us know it’s simply our organs talking." CM, San Francisco, CA


"So much theater places the female body as decoration, vehicle, object or even political statement. Mandy places the female body as organic, powerful, passionate subject. The journey she invites us on moves into the organs, out through the soul, and along the way there is desire, playfulness, pain … and non-stop life. Mandy is a deeply committed performer whose movement manifests the slightest shifts of the imagination, and she joyfully draws the audience into her work, leaving them feeling they have not just watched a journey, but that the journey has taken them into their own deep places." NT, Melbourne, Australia


"Your show was the most artistically captivating, authentic, intriguing, and creative show I have seen in a long time. I was moved by the way you were able to speak many ideas cohesively and gently. Excellent job. Really.

~ DG, Chicago IL


"Beautiful show. Profound work with character development

I was mesmerized by the world you created. Thank you for your deep and generous work." ~ PP Boulder, CO


"So profoundly otherworldly. 

This presentation was such an integration of energetic states, 

anatomy, emotion, skill, staging, humor, and creativity." ~LM, Lyons, CO


"So freaking STUNNING." ~OG, Memphis, TN


"YOU – were radiant, inspiring and just a delight to see both nights. I so relished you in your sheer brilliance.  I really was able to see peoples’ responses and those were nearly as mesmerizing at times.  Just a wonderful piece of work.  I am so honored to have watched it grow so very much. You inspire me." ~TM, Boulder, CO


A wild anatomical ride for both audience and performer, as solo artist Mandy Greenlee unveils a world of characters emerging from her heart, ovaries, pancreas, and other organs. Exposing the personalities that live inside of her she humorously reveals insights about relationships and connection.

The Sieve of All Parts