Feeling Stuck or Ignited in your Creativity?

It’s summertime and a great time to be playing and creating!

How does this live and breathe in you?

Are you feeling ignited in your passions and using the heat of the summer to stoke your own fires? If you are, great!!

Please share with me what creative passions you’re currently activated in.

I recently shared about the value of having consistent practices at your fingertips that you can lean into when life feels turbulent or when you want to stabilize in another level of growth.

Alongside meditating, creativity is a huge one for me.

When I have creative projects(s) cooking, I feel enlivened, focused and inspired. I feel clear about my purpose and what I'm here to share.

When I don’t, I can feel more destructive and start to focus on unimportant details or spin in my thoughts about trivial things.

Creativity helps me to move my energy outward and forward into positive production and growth in the world. It stimulates me in unexpected ways offering new perspectives, understandings, and insights about the world and my relationships. It offers me a container to pour my imagination, and visions into.

I invite you to expand your perspective on what creativity is and make space for your intuition and impulses to guide you.

Creativity shows up in many ways- not just in artistic projects but also in the way you prepare a meal or connect with a friend or spend time in nature being with the elements.

To ignite your muse, It's vital to carve out time for creative energies to emerge and flow.

We all need time to define what it is that we REALLY want in our lives, how we want to allow our creativity to shine so that we can go after it with passion, energy, and inspiration.

Time to let your busy mind take a break, and allow your heart to shine the light on what you desire!

Let your brilliant, desires shine through!

What will you do to re-ignite your muse if you've lost your fire?

Let me know what you inspire!

Big love,


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