Why I Practice. Do You?

There's so much happening on the planet at the moment: socially, politically, cosmically, and in my own personal life.

Actually, there always is!

But sometimes it all seems to come together at once, and

it's easy to get swept up in the pain, in the drama.

Which is why I was inspired by Danielle LaPorte's recent article "Why We Practice".

Do you have any practices?-- spiritual, mindfulness, movement, being in nature-- that support you through turbulent times?

I hope you will share these with me.

Please listen to my video about why I've cultivated regular practices I can rely on when life feels chaotic, ways to think and act that help me meet my edges and keep growing. Not only for moments when life feels upturned or chaotic,but also for when I get on stage or before teaching.

And let me know what kind of practices you lean into when life gets hectic or confusing.

Big love,


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