The Joy of Soulful Embodiment


Feel more freedom and flexibility in your body

Feel less anxiety or inhibition

Express from your body’s uniqueness

Playfully, contemplatively, and dynamically

Integrate mind, body, heart and soul


Details of series:

*Learn basic movement principles for

Easier functionality and flexibility in your body:

Somatic and energetic practices

Early developmental re-patterning


Creative inquiry

* Embodied connection and unique soulful expression


No experience necessary


Praises from Mandy’s students:

“I called my mom after class crying happy tears.”

“Healing and beautiful, everyone should experience it.”

 “I have never experienced this kind of freedom of expression.”

“I let go of my mind and let my body move the way it needs to.”

 “That experience let me completely be my authentic self.”

“More spiritual than any yoga or meditation I have ever experienced,

and more fulfilling than any type of counseling or advice.”

photo: Melanie Toye