We each posses complete wisdom and wholeness inside of our bodies

As a teacher I am here to offer keys to unlock your individual inherent brilliance.

Fostering skills for leadership, using movement and creative expression as a means to activate change in the world.


The body is a container for our experiences and a source of wisdom, power, strength, and compassion.

Understanding and deepening our level of sensitivity, coordination, and expression allows for these experiences to be heard. In a safe and non-judgmental environment, I teach people how to connect to and communicate from internal sensations, feelings, and emotions offering invaluable tools to express themselves more authentically. As an individual becomes more skilled with connecting to her own emotional experience, trusting her body and voice, she is then able to empathize with, respect and appreciate another’s experience.


I teach dance that integrates the body and mind, supporting academic success and healthy social interactions.

I passionately engage students into new relationships with themselves and one another by connecting them to the wisdom of their bodies, and teaching healthy outlets of coordination, focus, and expression.


Encouraging students’ unique expression while cultivating community participation,

students learn to understand their bodies from an internal experience, heightening their spatial awareness through proprioceptive and kinesthetic acuity and ability to connect with others. Guiding students to feel a deeper sense of comfort and safety in their bodies, I use early childhood development patterns to re-establish healthy nervous systems and neurological pathways.


Valuing integration of voice and movement, I teach body-based character development initiating from sensation, movement, and voice for both performers and non-performers as a way to express internal experiences and share stories.

Using sound as vibrational movement in the body students learn to express their inner experience from a clearer, more embodied voice, while witnessing each other in this discovery process. I recognize each student has her own set of inhibitions or unconscious patterns disconnecting voice and body. My joy as a teacher is to offer a variety of approaches to link these together. 


My experience teaching dancers and people unfamiliar with dance ranges from elementary to high school and college through the elderly.

The age appropriate classes I teach emphasize underlying movement principles and breathing techniques applicable to everyday efficient use of the body, transferable across dance techniques, and also helping alleviate anxiety and stress. Students learnt to sense, identify, differentiate, and initiate from specific body parts allowing for more freedom, movement choice, and expression in the body. Effectively sequencing movement through the body establishes greater coordination and spatial awareness. Students also learn community building, body language, and communication skills. I believe when students can make clearer choices about how they express from their bodies they can make clearer choices in their life and how they relate to others.


Not only a wide age range, I have also taught diverse groups of people using unique approaches.

In Totogalpa, Nicaragua I co-taught young leaders in the community to externalize their experiences, and share their stories through the medium of shadow puppets, movement, and performance. I have worked with middle school and high school LGBTQ and alliance communities in a daylong workshop utilizing the creation of dances to express themes of equality, connection, and diversity. I have also had multiple opportunities to work in the developmentally delayed and mental health sector with teens through adults. The classes ranged from improvisational games, dancing, and performance, to functional movement for everyday coordination and communication.  


My openness and joyfulness are gifts I bring.

Regardless of whom I am teaching, my heart stays committed to encouraging and engaging freedom and expression in the body. Each student possesses an inherent wisdom that holds value for the community. As a teacher I strive to offer keys to help unlock each child’s unique brilliance.