"Mandy always transforms herself into the practitioner that I need. Somehow, she is able

to see/ feel/ express exactly what is going on inside me. During our sessions, she points

out exactly what I have just noticed inside me… it is amazing to have someone track

what’s happening internally for me so well (especially without my saying anything).

She seems to encourage me to do what my instincts are suggesting. And she does it

with so much compassion. Offering me strength to take the step I’m scared to take. 


The first session I had with her, she saw strengths in me that I couldn’t see, and held

them until I could. 

The most recent session I had with her, I said “It feels like I did the session, but that I

couldn’t have gotten there without you.” She said that that’s how it should be. Training

me, in a sense, to know what I need, to follow it, and for her to offer me support along

the way. 


I trust Mandy." Erin Brandt, Coach



"I love working with Mandy because she has a deep and clear understanding of how to honor and appreciate what is best for my highest good. Mandy’s presence is one of support and facilitation. It’s very different from other energy work that I’ve experienced because I am encouraged to take more of an active role in my helaing rather than simply “receiving”. I leave her sessions feeling empowered, energized and with a deeper awarenesss and trust of my own intuition. I highly recommend healing sessions with Mandy for anyone who wants to further tap into their body and Spirit’s healing potential." ~ Dr. Holly German, ND



“I really like how Mandy holds space for my feelings to be heard and energetically teaches me how to do the same for myself. When I leave Mandy’s sessions I feel lighter, peaceful and have anew perception of my situation or life. What is unique about the sessions is I have huge breakthroughs and begin to understand my authentic Self, my Spirit." ~ Farrah Dalal, LMFT



"Working with Mandy has been an incredibly valuable experience.  Through her caring and intuitive guidance, I have learned more about myself than I have through any other modality.  Mandy's ability to hold present experience, without judgment or the need to fix, had led me toward remembering my true nature.  We have explored both my gifts and my areas of constriction in an equally loving way and through that exploration, my understanding of my true passion and calling have been revealed.  I enthusiastically recommend Mandy as a guide for any energetic journey.  She is a highly skilled and trustworthy practitioner and working with her has amplified my life in countless ways."  ~ TL, Denver, CO



"Mandy holds such an incredibly present and loving space with a great ability to facilitate connection between the deepest yearnings of the soul and highest wisdom and unlimited resource. I have experienced this gift with her personally and it has forever shifted my inner life and capacity for self love. I have also been witness in group work to many beautiful shifts and openings for which those present felt such privelege and gratitude to be a part of the transformational space which she so delicately and expertly holds. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." ~  JM, Morrison, CO