“The keys to the universe, that’s what happens when the soul comes home.

That’s what I experienced working with Mandy” Ali S. ~ Artist

Mandy is an amazing, organic, and heart-felt facilitator. When I first started

her program, doubt, fear, insecurity, and old behavioral patterns and

unhealthy patterns were so much more existent in my life. Now, I feel more

ease, clarity, and allowance in my life and in terms of goals. Working with

Mandy, has allowed me to become more confident, at ease, and OWN

my POWER. :)

For anyone who is desiring to be more PRESENT, ENGAGED, CONFIDENT,

and AUTHENTIC in their life, I HIGHLY recommend attending Mandy's Claim program. CLAIM your life. CLAIM your essence.  Emily Wishall ~Wishall Wellness


Mandy is amazing to work with! Her style is intuitive, creative, authentic, embodied and transformative. Her program is for introverts who want to figure out how to get our work and word OUT THERE!!!! Kerry Temple-Wood, Yoga Instructor 


I've attended Mandy's program and found it quite helpful in growing beyond my edges.
With a light heart and good humor she encouraged, led and demonstrated the skills of introspection, reflection and externalizing personal thoughts, ideas and experiences in ways that support those of us that had been less comfortable doing so in front of others.
She lives her material and is quite transparent in her process. It's very inspiring to see her vulnerability and strength blended together as a leader who brings out the same in others. Bruce Sterling ~ Coach

"Spiritual Nerd Camp". She has managed to do what I previously thought was impossible -- an energetic movement, voice and improv class that meets us introverts where we are but challenges us to explore new ways of being in our bodies. Yet, there is zero expectation that we should somehow morph into extroverts in the process. Highly recommended. Eric Guidry ~ Attorney


“The keys to the universe, that’s what happens when the soul comes home. That’s what I experienced working with Mandy” Ali S. ~ Artist


"Mandy is a fantastic performer, and somehow she's managed to get into the underside of the heart of the rest of us who aren't, but wish we were -- she knows we have something deep we really care about -- and that we have talent with -- that we long desperately to get out and share with the world. She knows this. And she shows us how to move thru the sludge that holds us back. I loved taking this class -- because we care so much, it's totally worth the time and money it takes for us to bring our unique gifts. Go for it!" Leila Bruno ~ Earth Activist


“Mandy and her program are terrific. It's an exploration into self and uncovering ways of being more comfortable with expression in front of others. It's done in a safe, exploratory way while gently pushing one's edges.”  Bruce Sterling ~ Coach and Consultant

“Mandy is open and vulnerable to letting things be messy. She’s like a fun slide,

getting people to go to places they are not wanting to go alone. It’s intriguing and

exciting to see what’s on the other side when you go on the ride with her. She has an

ability to help people not take themselves to seriously with her light, silly, and

vulnerable way.” Elish Warlop ~ Interior Design


“What I feel in Mandy’s presence is the parts of me that have always known something

about joy come alive. She is someone who knows about full body laughter, this joy that

is so real. So she also knows something about false laughter. She knows about ways we

hide under falsities and facades and pretend. She is reaching her hand out to let people

embody this realness, this fullness, and joy from the belly.” Andrea Rossi ~ Nutritional Coach


“Mandy is pure joy and love, which ignites my desire to be as near as I can be to the love and joy coming out of her. She also has a profound level of instinct running through her and knows exactly what to do in each moment.” Myka McLaughlin ~ WINC Founder


“My heart bounces open in Mandy’s presence. She is kindness: pure, supportive, and trusting. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable and show that, and that helps me feel supported. She is willing to step in so deeply to play, which takes a ton of courage to be that present and a willingness to be with others. I feel so supported by her. Her presence elicits safety and trust to the people she touches in the world.”  Sara Lila Oswald ~ Relationship Coach


“Mandy wears her heart on more than her sleeve, her whole body is her heart and she puts it out for the world in ways that many would be scared to do. Her heart says ‘I am here and I trust’. She shows up. She is a light and joyful breath of fresh air, mixed with a clarity and presence.” Rachel Thor ~ Coach


“When you know your core wounds, you know your core gifts. Some of the most powerful work I've ever done. Mandy’s a practitioner who ALWAYS genuinely cares about me... in between sessions. And during sessions, (freakishly) sees my experience AS it is happening inside me. Helps point out my gifts in my healing process. And holds them strongly for me, until I can feel them solidly in myself.”  Erin Brandt ~ Coach


“I enjoy learning how to be goofy. I apply that to my everyday life by being open with people and not expecting them to be harsh critics. Learning to be more open to human connection with strangers is the most valuable and enjoyable. I have become much more open to new experiences and opportunities that may have made me uncomfortable before. You have helped me become a much more content person. I would like to thank you Mandy for teaching me new ways to listen to my body and explore life in a new way.” ~  Alex H.


“I have a really hard time letting go, and I’ve been able to let go of my mind and let my body move the way it needs to, and just be my authentic self. We take ourselves too seriously in our culture and I think by completely letting go of our control teaches us a lot about our true selves.” ~ Gabbi R.


 “Mandy does a phenomenal job leading our class and creating an atmosphere that feels safe and comfortable while simultaneously exciting and new. Her versatility amazes me!” ~ Emily D.


 “Mandy has helped me tremendously to stay aware of my body and develop fluid and seamless progressions, which gives me expression that is unique to my own experiences and feelings, and allows me to really focus on what’s going on around me.” ~ Nick J.


"Mandy always transforms herself into the practitioner that I need. Somehow, she is able to see/ feel/ express exactly what is going on inside me. During our sessions, she points out exactly what I have just noticed inside me… it is amazing to have someone track what’s happening internally for me so well (especially without my saying anything). She seems to encourage me to do what my instincts are suggesting. And she does it with so much compassion. Offering me strength to take the step I’m scared to take. The first session I had with her, she saw strengths in me that I couldn’t see, and held them until I could. The most recent session I had with her, I said “It feels like I did the session, but that I couldn’t have gotten there without you.” She said that that’s how it should be. Training me, in a sense, to know what I need, to follow it, and for her to offer me support along the way. I trust Mandy." ~ Erin Brandt


"Working with Mandy has been an incredibly valuable experience.  Through her caring and intuitive guidance, I have learned more about myself than I have through any other modality.  Mandy's ability to hold present experience, without judgment or the need to fix, has led me toward remembering my true nature.  We have explored both my gifts and my areas of constriction in an equally loving way and through that exploration, my understanding of my true passion and calling have been revealed. She is a highly skilled and trustworthy practitioner, and working with her has amplified my life in countless ways."  ~ Tracey Lanham


"Mandy holds such an incredibly present and loving space with a great ability to facilitate connection between the deepest yearnings of the soul and highest wisdom and unlimited resource. I have experienced this gift with her personally and it has forever shifted my inner life and capacity for self love. I have also been witness in group work to many beautiful shifts and openings for which those present felt such privilege and gratitude to be a part of the transformational space which she so delicately and expertly holds." ~  John Michael Wasmer


"I love working with Mandy because she has a deep and clear understanding of how to honor and appreciate what is best for my highest good. Mandy’s presence is one of support and facilitation. It’s very different from other energy work that I’ve experienced because I am encouraged to take more of an active role in my healing rather than simply “receiving”. I leave her sessions feeling empowered, energized and with a deeper awareness and trust of my own intuition. I highly recommend healing sessions with Mandy for anyone who wants to further tap into their body and Spirit’s healing potential." ~ Dr. Holly German


“I really like how Mandy holds space for my feelings to be heard and energetically teaches me how to do the same for myself. When I leave Mandy’s sessions I feel lighter, peaceful and have anew perception of my situation or life. What is unique about the sessions is I have huge breakthroughs and begin to understand my authentic Self, my Spirit." ~ Farrah Dalal, LMFT