To Infinity and Beyond...

Do this First

Does the thought of getting up in front of people create... 

Fear, anxiety, stomach in knots, trouble breathing, thoughts spinning endlessly, or feelings of panic?

Sound familiar?


As you may already know from your own experience, it’s hard to think in the moment and share yourself authentically when all these strong sensations are racing around in your body and mind.

So here’s a tip: I’ll let you in on a little secret of how to deal with these fear factors...

Prep yourself beforehand.

What this means is meditate, breathe, center yourself. These are important practices you can learn to bring into strong focus before heading on stage.


But there’s more… Stateshift!

I have rituals and practices that connect me to a larger field of support, love and wisdom. I like to think of this as activating my “Superhero Self” (not my invisible cloak!) and it works just like Clark Kent tranforming into Superman and Diana spinning into Wonder Woman. They switch states from human into Super Human. It’s almost instantaneous...but not quite! You need to take the time to go into your phone booth or spin to the right super fast. Get it?


You need to actively and intentionally shift states from "small self" to "Super Self".


For me this always includes getting into my body by activating vibration internally, through sounding and toning, and warming up my voice, mouth, and facial expressions.


And right beforehand, I stream my connection to Source.

In my way, this looks and feels like stretching my energetic awareness into the Earth and then through the Earth to connect to Cosmic energy beneath me and the Earth. Then guiding this Source energy gathered from below me and next stretching my awareness and energy to extend above and wide to the Infinite above and all around me. I use my imagination. I feel into it. I take the time to connect to something larger- my vision, my heart, the cosmic heart-- anything I can touch into that shifts me from my personality,ego self into my Cosmic self- (Gold arm bands, knee high boots, and bodysuit optional.)


So ask yourself, what helps YOU connect to a larger field of support?

What words or energies can you call upon and invoke to remind you that you are giving your gift and sharing your brilliance?

What sorts of rituals can you create to establish your connection to your larger vision and dreams before baring it all with your audience?


I will not go on stage if I haven’t done this beforehand.



For me it creates safety which allows me to share more vulnerably and genuinely. It opens me up to new levels of creativity, support, confidence, wisdom, and it energizes me to access and connect to WHAT and WHY I am here to share. The rituals allow me to amplify  the size of my energy field in ways that let me include everyone in the room. Think cosmic cape stretching across the entire room, including all your audience.


But remember, contacting Earth is also important. Make sure if you’re going to fly you also feel your feet planted on the ground-- there’s tons of support here too!


So go out there and share your heart, making sure to take the time beforehand to transform into your Superhero Self. You’ll feel much more courageous and engaged with all those people cheering you on!!

In these steps you are cultivating an open and receptive body so you can fluidly reciprocate and engage with all the presence coming towards you.

Having an expanded self on stage magnifies your innate ability to “read” the room. You’ll find yourself able -- in present time -- to engage with who is in the room and spontaneously respond (instead of react) to what is needed beyond your scripted speech.

If this resonates with you,

and you want to learn more about

HOW to activate your Superhero Self,

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Fly on brave soul, with your feet firmly planted, your heart wide open and your Infinite Self leading the way!! See you on the Cosmic runway!