Set in 2050, the show is "Quantified Self" and it is an extraordinary immersive theatre experience about technology, and its controls, and influences on us.


FREE tickets and details here:

Computer engineers and artists have joined forces in this unique project with major funding from the Knight Foundation.


Written by Michael Skirpan and directed by William Lewis


I am playing the lead in this one-of-a-kind performance project, inclusive of interactive tech games with the audience's participation

and I'd love to share it with you!!


Quantified Self

Are you your Data?

April 29th, 30th, and May 1st , 2016

Friday night

Sat and Sunday matinees and night


Atlas Black Box

at CU Boulder


FREE tickets and details here:

The tickets are Free and the registration process asks you to share your information because it will be incorporated into the interactive games being built. Amazing!!


(Don't fret, your info will not be shared beyond what happens in the show- more details about this at


Due to the special nature of the set, there are limited tickets left and they are going FAST!!

(Some of the shows are already sold out!)

 I'm really excited for this show, my super complex character is stretching me further into my "actor" self, in this lead role.

(read here how)


I'm having so much fun!! And I'm excited to share it with you!! So, I hope you'll come join me on this futuristic adventure as you witness my character coming to terms with how much of her life (and all of ours) is being mediated and controlled. It's truly a special show, not to miss :)

 See you in 2050!! Tickets here:


P.S. There are a few tickets available if you don't want to give your info, but I encourage you to join in the fun and immersive nature of this performance. Your info will not be shared beyond what happens in the show, so don't fret.