What's Your Edge?

Well, I'm on my edge...


I'm streeeeeeetching into a new skin, in this upcoming

performance project. As I acquaint myself in this new form

I feel, awkward, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar.

Who am I becoming? Can I suspend my need to know? 


The more I play here, and allow the discomfort of the

unknown, the more accustomed I feel in this

new version of myself. The more I trust in the seemingly

messy process of growth, I’m recognizing myself in an

innovative way, and it feels awesome!


Many of you have witnessed me over the recent years as my

performance work has shifted from purely dancing, into

physical theatre, and into acting. I’ve been crafting my own

physicalized characters, and sharing my stories primarily

through solo performance.


In this creative evolution I’ve continued discovering how

much I enjoy using my voice to share my stories,

in tandem with my body.


And now I'm stepping into my first major role as an actor in someone else's story. I'm ferociously memorizing my script and playing a character who barely expresses through her body. Constrict my body?  What! Those who know me well know this is a huge challenge for my expressive nature.


 I'm meeting my edge as an artist and a human, discovering new ways to use my body to support my voice, without moving it too much.

As I meet this challenge, I love what I’m learning about myself and surpassing what I believed I was capable of! I'm surprising myself as I'm discovering new ways to access emotion and vocal expression. And it can’t help but spill over into the rest of my life.


And after many years of making solo work, I love working with a big cast again, engaging in scenes and dialogue with others.


As this growth overflows into other areas of my life, I find myself saying “if I can do this, what else can I do?”



What inspires You to step over any false boundaries you’ve constructed about what’s possible?


If I can do it, so can you!!


Details of the show here!


In expansion,



I want to know! Please share with me! 



Can you recall a recent moment in your life when you faced and stepped forward into your growth edge?


Did you actually Claim it with your knees buckling and your voice shaking or did you shy away from it? 


Did you fall flat on your face trying to get there?


Were you able to persevere?

What did it take for you to say "Yes" to meeting that edge?


Was your desire bigger than your fear?

Was your vision grander than any limiting beliefs standing in the way?


What was on the other side?

Surprise, delight, new experiences, new perspectives?


Did you discover more about what you're capable of?